Light Gauge Steel Buildings

Light Gauge Steel Buildings


Engineering Circle is Manufacturer of  Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF). Light Gauge Steel Framing is the modern building technology widely used in the developed countries.

We are Design Light Gauge Steel Building for the commercial building, residential and industrial buildings, different wall, roofing and flooring structures. This highly insulated, aesthetically beautiful & extremely lightweight building design is an ideal option for rooftop construction. Light gauge steel is a viable alternative to conventional building materials used in residential, light commercial and mid-rise construction, by reason of energy efficiency, fast track, cost effective and superior behavior during the earthquake. Light Gauge Metal Framing can be utilized as a load supporting system typical of wood construction.

Complete Engineering Services are available per specific job requirements. Services may include; Engineering, Foundation Design, Cold-Formed Steel Design, Structural Steel Design, Panel Drawings, Shop Drawings, Etc.

Reliable cost estimates for a complete package or various phases of construction are provided per the owner/developer schematic drawings. (send drawings to

Engineering Circle is all about saving time and money by removing cost from our buildings. Steel has the strongest strength to weight ratio of any building product.

The light gauge structure and the face materials (pre-painted steel sheets, plywood, cement board, gypsum board, etc.) demonstrate its structural strength and fire resistance. The LGS system is the fastest way there is to design and build strong, durable steel framed buildings easily and efficiently. Engineering Circle is experienced at designing and detailing to various specifications, standards and codes around the world. Our team consists of experienced architects.

Engineering Circle Design For:

  • Hostel building
  • Residence Building.
  • An additional floor on the terrace.
  • Roof-Top room or office.
  • A cottage in a farm house or a hill area.
  • Office inside a warehouse or factory, Retail outlet, Guard room.
  • Internal partition walls inside an orthodox brick and concrete building.
  • Office Building, Residential Societies, Rehabilitation Camps
  • Integrated Building design based on specific customer requirement.